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More outfits, maybe with more prim stuff.

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I really need to start talking nicely to prims. I also want to get more textile things organised, because we have so many talented artists here. And one day, maybe we ll actually get round to doing that circus performance we ve always threatened! This company was founded by Ina Centaur whose main objective was to bring to Second Life live productions of all of the bard s plays by integrating some esoteric cutting-edge technology with the best of theatrical talent. Their productions are quite minimal in sets and prop usage, focusing on story and acting.

They, however, take care to outfit each avatar actor with the most historically accurate and professional clothing, skin, eyes, shape, and hair possible to complement the performance. The Wardrobe Department is equipped with fashionistas well aware of period-style clothing, props, and hair, and has exclusive access to handmade custom photorealistic skins, shape, and eyes by SLface. The Animation Department works closely with the Technology Department to create avatar motions that appear seamless and natural for the live production avatar bots. The SL Stagecraft department works closely with the producer of each play and the other departments to choreograph the final live production.

Weather and ambient lighting, especially relevant for an outdoor theatre, can also be perfected to a weather monger s dream. The alchemist is also vindicated; gold and jewellery cost about the same as coarse cloth… But, limitations with SL s current avatar system prevent actors from conveying precise facial expressions or even syncing avatar lips to words live.

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Lag and system differences are the virtual analogy of myopia and other forms of distorted perception; one audience member s perfectly rezzed view may look like a gray dystopia in another s. SL Shakespeare Company presented during this summer a full length performance of Twelfth Night, broken down into a series of full-costume staged readings. But, hey, we are in Second Life.

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If we can t try it here, where else could we possibly try this? Because it is a staged reading, the overall look of this particular production will be distinctly different. Although it s guided by the play script, as implemented in the director s vision, what goes on during show time is quite often spontaneous, and in some cases filled with so many surprises of serendipity or misfortune that nothing appears like anything the director had in mind.

The damp weather made any kind of work intolerable and even the always impeccable Higgins, my butler, had been seen resting under the shadow of a tree with his tie loosened. The morning this story began I was sitting in the gazebo at the back end of my property, reading the last issue of The Primgraph.

The Scarlet Trefoil

The waves splashed quietly against the rocks, the birds and bees were singing their mesmerizing song and I was almost dozing off when I heard footsteps and the unmistakable sound of a gown brushing the grass. I looked up in time to see Ms. Soliel Snook entering the gazebo. The morning sun had colored her cheeks and she looked so young and cute in her yellow summer dress I smiled, happy just to see her so full of life. But what made you leave the cooler mountains of Stormhold and come to the damp Cays?

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Did I forget some date. Soliel drank half the lemonade in one gulp, sighed in content and then glanced at me again. Her eyes sparkled with that mischievous light that makes Soliel unique, and then she began to talk. I had seen some advertising about the party last time I visited Whiterhorn Memorial Library. A famous Neualtenburgian soprano had been invited to perform some arias at the City Hall as part of the Summer Social Season.

According to the announcement, the British musician Mr. Ernest Woods would accompany her on the piano, and the party would be closing with a not too formal ball. I had heard Mr. Woods play two years ago in London, and I had enjoyed so much his talent that my husband agreed to take me to the backstage to meet the pianist. But when we arrived to his dressing room Mr. Woods was shouting nasty names to a poor young gentleman -who we found later was his assistant- and throwing a bottle of champagne against the wall.

The reason for his rage had something to do with a bad ironed shirt, and Moriarty and I decided the man didn t deserve our time. Weeks later my husband found some news about Mr. Woods in a national newspaper. They said he was suspected of embezzlement and accused to have succumbed to opium s pleasures. The incident didn t go further and remained just as a rumor, but we never returned to his plays.

The Baronesses of Bauerhoff, Amber and Abi, are out of Caledon in a late honeymoon trip, and without proper chaperone I was resigned to shorten my social agenda. Jomander Trefoil was her beau and it was public knowledge they were about to get married, even if there was no date for it.

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That was a constant worry for my young friend, who feared Mr. Trefoil could set his affections into another soul. Trefoil had some reputation, he was too charming and mysterious and used to jock about his "dark past".

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But the fact was no one knew exactly where he came from or what he was doing for a living, even if his fortune was a proved fact. Do you think he would be seeing another lady? I know you are still mourning but, and I m sorry to point, your new status as a widow makes you a very proper chaperone…" I had to smile at her bluntness. Who am I to interfere between true love? I m sure it s going to be a night to remember! She was stunning in her pale green evening gown and had done her dark hair in a very intricate but beautiful bun. I was dressed in formal, black mourning, trying to look as an old companion for Soliel s benefit.

When we reached the Guvnah s mansion, carriages were already blocking the main entrance and we had to wait before been greeted by the Guvnah s himself. The view from there was really impressive: young ladies in pastel-color gowns, married woman in more reveling designs, gentlemen in gray, blue and black and some Caledon army uniforms filled the place. They had formed little groups and chatted gingerly while waiting for the concert to start. I finally spotted a tall, too skinny man near the big piano under the staircase. His blond, thin hair was slicked back, flattered against his skull, and his skin was so pale that was almost gray. He was dressed in a tuxedo, with a white, silken scarf around his neck.

There is Mr. I tapped softly her arm with the closed fan. I tried to found Mr. Trefoil between the crowd but it was almost impossible, and when I finally went after Soliel, she was out of sight too. A hand came into my rescue, took me by the elbow and steadied me over the step.

My heart was beating as crazy when I turned to thank my savior.

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He smiled kind of shyly. Thaddeus Darling was the new Foreign Office agent in Caledon. I had met him months ago, when he tried to steal some papers of my late husband. He was new to the fieldwork and just wanted to practice his spy techniques. Due his failing -my dog spotted him- we assumed he really was in need of that practice.

Darling was a very plain man, average in shape and so used to be around books and files he lacked badly in social talents. Last time I saw him he could blush after just a lady s word. Apparently he had no problem being around me, and I couldn t but to be amazed by how mourning s attires hid so well the female condition. I blushed for no reason. You just saved, if not my life, definitely my pride tonight. Maybe someone is waiting for you? I was trying to find Ms. Soliel Snook, a young woman that is my ward tonight.

Please, come with me. I let him lead me up the staircase, till the second floor. Together we made our way to the balcony, from where we could see the entire ballroom. I scanned the crowd and finally spotted the elegant bun of Soliel. She was walking through groups of people straight to the far end of the room, where the patio opened to the back yard.

I looked beyond her and saw a tall figure leaning against a column: Mr.