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This holiday season will be unlike any other for Madeline and her friends. While on their morning walk with Miss Clavel, the girls come down with the flu, and as they take to their bed, many wonder if they will be able to go home for Christmas. With the arrival of a mysterious stranger, Madeline and the other girls get a holiday adventure beyond their wildest dreams.

A holiday treat for the whole family! They offer dramatic arts education experiences taught by theatre professionals in rich, child-honoring learning environments through summer camp, after-school, preschool and workshop programs. In addition, they are actively working towards becoming a full producing company, providing family-friendly productions for and by children.

More information at atlantachildrenstheatre. In the past nine years, this heart-warming play has reached thousands of children and families, welcoming a new generation of audiences to the Horizon experience of intimate, high-quality, contemporary theatre. We hope parents and grandparents who love Horizon and many who are new to us!

Spring worked previously at Horizon as an actor and has taught and directed young people in theatre for over two decades. Her wealth of experience with children and connections to families are huge assets to our family theatre partnership. For three generations Madeline has been a role model for girls learning to speak their mind, explore their individuality, and understand that femininity includes being clever, smart and strong. I have always loved Madeline. May Madeline bring you closer to the children in your life and the child inside you.

Bernard dogs, or Swiss crosses. Matching forks for 80 to francs for four, and warmers for to francs can be purchased to compete your fondue set. As a less pricey option, basic sets can be purchased from Manor department store at Bahnhoffstrasse 75, for as little as 40 francs for a single serving size. Swiss Chocolate. Worldwide, people are already in love with Lindtt chocolate and know just how special the Swiss-made chocolate is.

Zurich is a home to many different chocolatiers who produce incredibly fresh treats on a weekly basis, a definite must-try. Each Sprungli location has different operating hours, some opening as early as am and the train station locations staying open as late as 9 pm. The newer Merkur confectionery, open Monday through Friday from 9 am until 8 pm, and Saturdays until 6 pm, sells the highly-sought after handmade Laderach chocolates. Merkur is located in the heart of Bahnhoffstrasse, at number A box of 24 Laderach truffles sells for A great gift idea for those not lucky enough to join you in your Swiss adventure would be a box of locally-made pralines, featuring a painting of Lake Zurich on the front.

Teuscher has two locations in Zurich with longer opening hours than most shops. Since the 16th century, the Swiss have been perfecting the art of timekeeping. From top designer boutiques to touristy shops and diverse department stores, the street offers many options for those wishing to purchase a Swiss-made timepiece. The sophisticated Les Ambassedeurs store at Bahnhofstrasse 64, or the new Patek Phillippe boutique at Bahnhofstrasse 31, will flatter you with movie star treatment if you are in the market for a new Rolex or Chopard.

For those looking for a more varied shopping experience, Manor department store has the largest selection of watches on the block. Heidi Books. The little girl in a milkmaid dress, with braids and a kind spirit, has become a classic Swiss character known and loved worldwide.

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The fictional alpine adventures of Heidi have been read to children since the 17th century. Follow along with the special children in your life, as young Heidi adapts to life with her grandfather, secluded in the Swiss Alps, her adventures to Germany to meet a new friend, and her return to the mountains to spread joy and hope to those around her. Orell Fussli, the bookshop located at Bahnhoffstrasse 70, open Monday to Friday 9 am to 8 pm and Saturdays 9 am to 6 pm, is the largest English-language bookstore in all of Europe.

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It holds over 40, books in English, and provides a warm quiet venue to browse for your perfect version of the Heidi series. Offered in hard and soft cover, a variety of Heidi books can be purchased from Orell Fussli for between 8. Schweizer Heimatwerk sells the complete set in beautifully-illustrated hardcovers for 47 francs each.

The shop also sells an adorable hand-sewn rag book for francs, and includes removable cloth characters. The handmade Heidi doll is 87 francs. Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. A trip to Zurich would not be complete without a purchase of a Swiss army knife. These intricate tools are no longer just for woodsmen and campers. Some knives come with digital clocks, engrave-able front plates, paintings of the Matterhorn, USB storage, even pink camouflage casings. Domletsch sells a variety of Vicorinox knives and luggage.

Music Boxes. Building on the tradition of superior watchmaking skills, Switzerland is also famous for their intricately made music boxes.

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The first music box factories opened in Switzerland in the early 19th century and at one time the industry even surpassed that of watchmaking. High-end music boxes allow cylinders to be changed in order to play many different songs. The classic style of Swiss music boxes has not changed from its day of invention, but today a much larger selection is available.

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Boxes are available with hand-painted scenes of olden day hikers and shepherds, or come fashioned as wooden Swiss chalets with detailed carving of flowers and water troughs. Schweizer Heimatwerk has the best selection of wooden handmade music boxes, priced from francs to the 10,franc art piece. Mondaine Railway Clock. The Mondaine railway clock was designed in by Hans Hilfiker, and has become the official timekeeper, placed in every federal station, of the Swiss railway.

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Its clean look, bold red hand, and incredibly unique movement, have made the clock a Swiss icon. Its exclusive movement spreads 58 seconds over the course of one minute. The clock then appears to stop time for two seconds. To the Swiss, being two seconds early always makes you on time. Today, replicas of the clock are available for purchase in a variety of sizes.

Army Blanket Products. Swiss army blankets have not changed since they were first used to keep soldiers warm in the snowy forests of the Alps. The grey, red, and white blankets have always been made of high-quality Swiss wool and bear the iconic Swiss cross.

Today, however, the blankets and the belts discarded by the army are being transformed into other weather-hearty products, many still including their issuing number. Swiss army blanket products are classic fashion pieces that are sure to stay in style just as the iconic blanket has. The magical Franz Karl Weber toyshop at Bahnhofstrasse 52, open Monday to Wednesday 9 am to pm, Thursday to Friday until 8 pm, Saturday 9 am to 6 pm, and extended hours before Christmas, sells a selection of Army blanket bags for 50 to francs.

The best selection of products however, can be found at Schweizer Heimatwerk, with items priced from 11 francs for the i-pod holder to francs for the large duffel. Appenzeller Dog Collar. Appenzell is a beautiful rolling green region in the Swiss Alps, where the Appenzeller Sennenhund, or mountain dog, originated.


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Dogs in Switzerland have been wearing the red, black, or tan, Appenzeller dog collars for over years, and the fashion is now spreading throughout Europe. Today, collars and leashes can be found in either traditional or more modern versions of the original design, made of high-quality Swiss leather and adorned with detailed medal Alpine figures. Traditional designs feature smooth leather and gold metal cutouts in the shapes of herders, dogs, and cows. Modern versions can be found with faux alligator print and shiny white Swiss crosses. Schweizer Heimatwerk offers the traditional style of collar from 52 francs to 79 francs, with matching leashes for 72 francs.

A quick tram ride from the main shopping area of Bahnhofstrasse, to Sternenstrasse 74, will deliver you to the modern boutique, The House of Dog, that sells the updated version of the collar for francs to francs, depending on the size. Raclette Maker. Raclette is another Swiss cheese-based dish, and has been served in Switzerland for over years. The dish originated from shepherds and farmers working on the mountainsides who would cook on open fire, boiling potatoes and melting special Raclette cheese on hot rocks.

With a perfect balance of fat and moisture, Raclette cheese melts into a fantastic creamy texture, never separating or becoming oily, allowing it to blanket the tiny potatoes just right.

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Although today, Raclette is often made on a special electric tabletop grill, the unique spatula used to scrape the cheese has not changed. Raclette cheese is often available in specialty shops worldwide, so bring home your own decorative Raclette maker and serve up the pungent and unforgettable flavors of this traditional Swiss dish for your friends and family.

There is no need to worry about electrical converters, because Manor department store sells a cute candle-powered Raclette maker that includes a special scraper for Navyboot Leather Shoes. Founded right in Zurich in , by Bruno Bencivenga, the brand produces quality leather footwear for both men and women. Crafted with deerskin, calfskin, Nappa and paten leathers, Navyboot offers pumps, flats, boots, loafers, oxfords and more, in practical modern styles.