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Enzo G. Castellari was offered to direct Zombi 2, but turned it down as he did not feel he would be the right director for a horror film. Director Lucio Fulci was De Angelis' second choice for the project, was hired based on his handling of violent scenes in his previous films Sette note in nero and Non si sevizia un paperino. Screenwriter Dardano Sacchetti had worked with Fulci on Sette note in nero. Sacchetti has since stated that his initial script for Zombi 2—originally written under the title Nightmare Island—had been influenced by The Island of Doctor Moreau and had been intended to return to "classic zombie tales" such as I Walked with a Zombie , The Walking Dead or Voodoo Island.

Sacchetti began work on this script in July , before it was optioned by Angelis' company Variety Films that December and re-tooled as Zombi 2. Production occurred during June and July Several of the actors' contracts had specified being provided with trailers for the duration of production. McCulloch and Johnson had known each other for many years by the time they collaborated on Zombi 2, having first met.

Come rubammo la bomba atomica Come rubammo la bomba atomica or How We Stole the Atomic Bomb is a Italian-Egyptian international co-production Eurospy comedy based on the Palomares B crash. Filmed in Italy and Egypt , it stars the Italian comedy duo of Franco and Ciccio and was directed by Lucio Fulci ; the film features a teaming of parodies of famous film secret agents.

Italian fisherman Franco and his father are fishing off the coast of Egypt when they see an American Air Force bomber crash in the water, carrying nuclear weapons. Yes, who wishes to use the energy of atomic weapon to reanimate Egyptian mummies. Ciccio is unable to extract information from the buffoonish fisherman for the atomic bomb's location. His attempt to threaten Franco with torture on a mechanical butt-kicking device backfires when Ciccio lets himself be talked into demonstrating the necessary posture himself. Franco arrives at a local train station.

Too dim-witted to understand that he's in Egypt, he attempts to purchase a railway ticket back to his home in Palermo , but the language barrier is an obstacle as Franco cannot speak any Arabic. However, an Italian priest in line at the window helps him out by explaining where he is, Franco treats the man to a cappuccino at the station bar; as Franco explains his predicament in detail to the bewildered priest, his hollering voice attracts the attention of a beautiful woman, named Cinzia who joins in on the conversation.

However, they are so fixated on depriving each other of the catch let him escape unnoticed while they brawl it out. Meanwhile, Cinzia has lured Franco back to her hotel room with the promise of an erotic liaison.

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Unknown to Franco, she is an agent for Dr. While her back is turned, Bomb and Flit break into the room and attempt to abduct Franco, with the same hilarious results as before. Ciccio arrives, grabs his prisoner back, spirits him away to the base; this time Ciccio uses a lie detector to probe Franco's mind by asking him questions about the atomic bomb. Seeing that Franco knows nothing, Ciccio confides in him that his superiors will have him killed for failure to find the missing atomic bomb.

Franco talks Ciccio into teaming up in hatching a plot to plant a fake atomic bomb where it can be found. Franco and Ciccio make contact with Cinzia who believes their claims that they have found the missing bomb, she tricks them into a meeting with Dr.

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Yes at his underground headquarters at a large villa outside Cairo. Franco and Ciccio learn that Dr. He requires the atomic bomb's radiation to achieve her reanimation. His experiment appear to be successful. Franco and Ciccio deliver the fake bomb, only to be told that they will be sacrificed to the Queen of the Dead on her revival; the duo laugh. But their hilarity turns to advances towards them, but Dr. Yes' plans are thwarted. With the aid of Bomb and Bluff, Flit attack and beats up all of Dr. Yes' men, abduct Franco and Ciccio. Back out in the desert, the three inept spies fall out again over who will get the credit for turning them over to their superiors, they stop fighting each other when a live report on their car radio announces that the nations involved have given up the search for America has claimed that there was no nuclear bomb on board the plane that crashed.

Maximum Ride: Nevermore (Italian Edition) by James Patterson | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

Franco takes the disgraced Ciccio aboard his fishing boat still beached on the shore to sail back to Italy ; when they pull up the fishing nets to cast off, they discover the real atomic bomb, tangled in the boat's fishing nets this entire time. In the final scene set a few weeks Franco and Ciccio are aboard a yacht living in the life of luxury, with the atomic bomb pointed across the sea as they are blackmailing world leaders for untold riches by telephone to avert nuclear destruction. Contraband film Contraband is a poliziotteschi film directed by Lucio Fulci. The film is set in Naples , where Luca Di Angelo and his brother Michele use speedboats to smuggle cigarettes, find themselves between two contraband bosses after they lose a load of cigarettes; the film's story was changed to better pace the plot.

On the second week of a ten-week shooting schedule, the production exhausted its budget and received funding from real life smugglers in Naples; the smugglers made changes to the plot and title of the film. Luca Di Angelo is a smuggler , one member of an organized team trafficking cigarettes and booze up and down the coast off Naples, Italy. After a run-in with the police in which the smugglers manage to get away by faking a boat explosion resulting in the police motorboats responding to the false emergency and his brother Mickey suspect Scherino, the head of a rival gang of smugglers, of passing on their actives.

Lucia and Mickey take their accusations to their boss Perlante a sleazy playboy withy numerous Mafia connections, who agrees to look into it. After a nighttime fire at Mickey's racing stables kills a valued racehorse , he and Luca drive over to inspect the damage. But on the way, they are stopped at a fake police roadblock where the assassins dressed as policemen trick Mickey into getting out of the car and machine-gun him to death over and over again, while Luca escapes injury by hiding on the floor of the car. Afterwards, Perlante suggests that Luca leave town for a few days.

After his brother's funeral, conducted on the gang's speedboats in the Bay of Naples , with the police surveying them, Luca vows revenge. Despite his wife Adele's pleas, Luca goes after the prime suspect: Scherino; that night, Luca breaks into Scherino's house, but gets spotted and beaten up by Scherino's henchmen. However, Scherino spares Luca's life, he tells Luca. After Luca recovers from his injuries thanks to a local doctor named Charlie who treats injuries for large bribes of cash, Luca meets with an informant who gives him a tip to who ordered the hit on Mickey.

Traveling to a derelict fishing boat in the marina where a hood is making a drug pick-up, Luca tortures him for information about his boss, whom Luca learns is a Frenchman called Francois Jacios, aka: The Marsigliese. Luca calls Perlante, who tells him more about the vicious gangster, and, muscling into Italian organized crime to deal in hard drugs.

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  • At his hideout in Naples, the Marsigliese is meeting Ingrid, a German drug courier from Frankfurt wanting to sell him some heroin ; when the Marsigliese sees that the heroin is'cut', he has her face horribly burned by a blowtorch while he watches with sadistic satisfaction. Over the course of one day, the Marsigliese orders a series of shootings of all the rival Mafia Dons all over Naples as part of his plan to become the sole kingpin of Naples. Perlante escapes an attempt on his life when his right-hand man Alfredo triggers a bomb, hidden under Perlante's bed, killing Alfredo and Perlante's mistress.

    Perlante tells him about the series of hits, he sets up a meeting between them and the Marsigliese at the local soccer stadium where the Frenchman discusses merging their criminal concerns. Afterwards, Luca meets with his fellow smugglers and persuades them not to accept the Marsigliese demands for the inflow of drugs into their community would only escalate the number of addicts and drug-overdoses, plus they would not receive any profits since the Marsigliese would keep most of the money for himself and his close associates. In response to the Mafia killings, the Naples police chief orders Captain Tarantino to conduct a massive sweep of the Neapolitan bay area to clean it up of crime; the dragnet has many smugglers arrested.

    Luca is saved from a police raid on his house by, of all people, who suggests they form an alliance to defeat the Marsiglise, they meet that night at Perlante's house to discuss their plans with him. But Luca soon smells the tell-tale odor of the Marsiglieses personal parfum in the room. Luca realizes that Perlante is in league with the Marsgliese just as the gangster and his henchmen burst into the room and kill all of Scherino's henchmen as well as mortally wound Scherino himself.

    Luca's split-second reflexes of diving out a glass window and running away from the house ensures his escape. The mortally wounded Scherino manages to shoot off one shot from his gun at the treaterous Perlante, hitting him in the neck, before he drops dead himself; the Marsigliese abducts Luca's wife and again insists that Luca should turn over the smuggling network over to his drug operation.

    To help Luca make up his mind, the sound of Adale being beaten and gang-raped are relayed to Luca over the phone.

    Meaning of "capoflottiglia" in the Italian dictionary

    Luca agrees to the Marsigliese demands. In desperation, Luca calls upon the elderly Don Morrone, the leader of the old-guard Italian Mafia , reading the news throughout the movie of the numerous killings. Morrone is happy to come out of semi-retirement to deal with the French sadist.

    Morrone relays his plans to his various middle-aged associates who swing back into action for their cause; the following morning, a meeting occurs between Luca and the Marsigliese in a local open square where the handover to Adele is taking place. Luca sees.

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    Don Morrone and his men, using a series of hit-and-run attacks and blast away all of the Marsigliese'. As a direct successor of preceding agencies such as Cheka , NKGB , NKVD and MGB, the committee was attached to the Council of Ministers, it was the chief government agency of "union-republican jurisdiction", acting as internal security and secret police. Similar agencies were constituted in each of the republics of the Soviet Union aside from Russia , consisted of many ministries, state committees and state commissions; the agency was a military service governed by army laws and regulations, in the same fashion as the Soviet Army or MVD Internal Troops.

    While most of the KGB archives remain classified, two online documentary sources are available, its main functions were foreign intelligence, counter-intelligence , operative-investigatory activities, guarding the State Border of the USSR, guarding the leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and the Soviet Government and ensuring of government communications as well as combating nationalism and anti-Soviet activities. A Time magazine article in reported that the KGB was the world's most effective information-gathering organization, it operated legal and illegal espionage residencies in target countries where a legal resident gathered intelligence while based at the Soviet embassy or consulate, and, if caught, was protected from prosecution by diplomatic immunity.

    At best, the compromised spy was either returned to the Soviet Union or was declared persona non grata and expelled by the government of the target country; the illegal resident spied, unprotected by diplomatic immunity, worked independently of Soviet diplomatic and trade missions. In its early history, the KGB valued illegal spies more than legal spies, because illegal spies infiltrated their targets with greater ease. The KGB residency executed four types of espionage: political, military-strategic, disinformation , effected with "active measures", counter-intelligence and security, scientific—technological intelligence.

    The KGB classified its spies as controllers; the false-identity or legend assumed by a USSR-born illegal spy was elaborate, using the life of either a "live double" or a "dead double".

    sacgroupect.com/isabel-la-catlica.php The agent substantiated his or her legend by living it in a foreign country, before emigrating to the target country, thus the sending of US-bound illegal residents via the Soviet embassy in Ottawa , Canada. Tradecraft included stealing and photographing documents, code-names, contacts and dead letter boxes , working as a "friend of the cause" or as agents provocateurs , who would infiltrate the target group to sow dissension, influence policy, arrange kidnappings and assassinations.

    Moreover, when Whittaker Chambers Alger Hiss's courier, approached the Roosevelt Government—to identify the Soviet spies Duggan and others—he was ignored. Soviet espionage was at its most successful in collecting scientific and technological intelligence about advan. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Italy Spain [1].

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