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Connect with every aspect of it. But ultimately it will teach you. Guide you. Make you aware of the meaning of it.

Mindfulness Meditation

And finally make you friend with yourself, your pattern, your illness and guide you towards your original unmodified purpose and being. The moment I focus on focus of what i want to click and the shutter clicked on camera, I feel a shift within me. That is why you must read, that is why you must look at the skies. That is why you must sing and dance, and write poems, and suffer, and understand, for all that is life. I will always want to sit and fly to our inner world with you in this unconditional healing space. I will always want to trace the original pattern from all the part of you, your likes, feelings, perception, dreams, sensation, reactions and more important your pain with my whole being as mirror.

We will be like two birds, collecting stories, in unconditional open space, will have birds eye view of within and around us. Is that all I want from you. A deep conversation is all that I want from you.

I want those unique perception which are hidden in your mind. I want Emotions of inner pattern you have hidden between folds of your heart. I want that unique song which is playing since your beginning in your being. Today found this stone while walking with my master and title came in mind. Place where everything about you connect. Take me there. By going there together and witnessing that place we will bring that inner healing which we both are longing. Lets sit together and go there.

A hug to make you walk on this healing journey. Take your time in finding your path, your way of doing holistic healing: vocation can't be found overnight — it slowly grows within you. Wait, wait till it becomes effortless. In any place. With two chairs. In a field. With the moon light. On rooftops. Walking on beach. Walking down the sleepy city streets. Walking in nature and mountains. Sitting in a coffee shop. In star night with quite park.

Close to water bodies. In your inner world. Your illness. Your thoughts. Your imagination. Your dreams. Your strange weird thoughts and imaginations. Your fears and phobias. Your deep feelings.

Reading & Walking #3 - Hampstead Heath

The way you sense the inner and outer world. I want passionate holistic Homeopaths who are frustrated with two dimensional fixed system. I know they are crazy. Those crazy homeopaths what homeopathy needs to grow in scientifically-intuitive way. In each of us there is another whom we do not know. S he speaks to us in dreams feelings, perception and sensation and tells us how differently s he sees us from the way we see ourselves. When, therefore, we find ourselves in a difficult situation to which there is no solution, s he can sometimes kindle a light that radically alters our attitude — the very attitude that led us into the difficult situation.

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We Homeopath knows this so well, that another similimum energy within us. Just aware of that can radically alters our attitude- the very attitude that led us into the difficult situation.

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It starts to become familiar. It starts to become easy. It starts to become natural, and it starts to become subconscious.

Michael Stone

From far they all looks same pebble, but when you go close this is what you see. Clear, deep, designer pattern running in them. I am sure we all can take break and do our hobby where we keep same focus of being in clinic, exploring designer aspect of patient and remedy BUT without pressure of anything. This way we develop art of focusing without any pressure so when when you come back to practice, this focus allow you to go more deeper in art of case witnessing, homeopathy and day to day life affairs.

The good news is that inspiration of doing integrative holistic healing is all around you.

Mind, Body, Spirit Books for Fall Tackle the Timeless

To stay inspired, try keeping a diary and noting down your observations and learning from every thing that touch your heart, patients CENTER, book, magazine anything. You never know when a seemingly insignificant event might become your next source of inspiration. This being human is a guest-house.

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Our space; keep out. So, come on people. Get real about rows. Thank God. Hi, I always organise my classroom to have students sit in groups of 3 or 4 max.

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A way to avoid your so-called protective forcefield around students is to change the seating plans regularly students love the random name picker on teacher toolkit as a decision maker. Also if I need students to work in silence, they can do that with a set timer. School is also about students forming social skills, so if there is a conversation not related to the task at hand, of course I need to re-direct it back to the activity but sometimes it can happen.